Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dog Toy Ideas

Since we got our wonderful new chi puppy Bessie, I've been making her lots of toys. Now, I'll share some ideas with you for making your own!*Most of these ideas work with smaller dogs, but you could probably adjust them to fit your larger dog, too!*
Flingy Ball
Crochet a ball in the round amigurumi style at about 24 sts. Dec ami style until you have 6 sts. Don't weave the tail through the hole! but hide it in the ball. Now with 2 long pices of a different color yarn, weave through the sts and pull tight. Knot. Crochet the left over yarn into a chain until you reach the end of the yarn. Knot that. Finally, give the ball to Fido! Bessie loves grabbing the chain and flinging the ball around.
Grabbing Chain
Take 5 long pieces of cotton yarn. Make a slip knot and crochet a chain until you reach the end of the yarn. Knot.Although very simple, this toy makes for tons of time chewing. In fact, Bessie is chewing on it right now!
Basically any toy will work with a dog. Bessie needs something like leags and arms on it that she can drag around the toy with. Just make sure that the arms/legs/ears are all sewn on VERY good! You don't want to walk into a room and find a sad looking pig with its nose halfway across the room, now do you?
Here are some websites that I found useful in my search for dog toys. Hope that they help you too!

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